Welcome to The Passport

Your access to live sessions, networking, classes, and resources to build your music ministry.

The Passport Mission

Passports ensure admission to or the achievement of something. 

The Gospel Underground Passport's mission is to provide independent gospel artists with the knowledge, resources, and tools that would not normally be available to them. Our desire is to help gospel artists on their journey of building a music ministry that honors God's and impacts the world. 

The Passport Community

The key to growing in ANY industry relies on who you know and even more so, who knows you. The Passport provides an opportunity for independent gospel artists to network, connect, and collaborate with other artists as well as industry professionals.

The Passport Benefits

Can you imagine all the support and resources you need to build and grow your music ministry in one place? Well, I'm happy to share that you don't have to imagine. Below are a list of benefits of accessing The Passport:

  • Monthly development sessions
  • Member ONLY podcasts
  • Running Resource Archive
  • Courses & Classes
  • Networking
  • Prayer Calls
  • Challenges & Projects
  • so much more...

What more could you ask for? 

Join us TODAY!

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